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Our Process for Hail Damage, Storm Damage, Roofing, & Siding Repair

Roofing & Siding Repair Process

If you need any type of roofing or siding repair due to storm, hail, fire, or tornado damage, then you should contact expert roofing contractors as quickly as possible. At Midwest Damage Assessments, we can provide a free repair assessment on your damaged home or property and help you get your property restored to normal. Call us today at 844-435-7876 to see how we can help with your roofing or siding repair and any other general contractor repairs you may need. Our process is simple, and we work to quickly repair your home to its original or better than original state.

Our Roofing, Siding, and General Contractor Repair Process

At Midwest Damage Assessments, we know that if you need our help for any type of roofing or siding repair, you are most likely going through a very stressful situation. From dealing with the insurance company to getting your home back to normal, we want to make things as painless as possible for you.

Therefore, we follow a simple process when it comes to handling your storm damage repair project.

Roofing & Siding Repair in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, Iowa
  1. Contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment with one of our damage assessment experts.
  2. At the scheduled time, one of our experts will visit and inspect your property for any type of damage that may have been incurred. This includes storm, fire, tornado damage, and more. We will also assess if you need roof or siding repair, and to what extent.
  3. Next, we will help you get in touch with your insurance company and report your losses.
  4. We create a comprehensive report on what damage was found, as well as an estimate of any roof repair, window replacement, siding repair, or any other restoration you may need.
  5. We then meet with your insurance company adjuster to discuss the necessary repairs or any other restoration required.
  6. After this, your insurance company will give you an estimate and issue payment as necessary.
  7. Our experts will review your insurance company’s estimate to make sure all damages and repairs are covered. We work hard to ensure that you are only responsible for your deductible, and no other out of pocket expenses.
  8. We will meet with you again, this time to review the estimate and provide you with building material samples.
  9. Based on the building materials you select, we will then create a detailed contract outlining the work to be done, and decide on a date to begin repairs.
  10. We will complete any roof, gutter, or siding repair as well as any window replacement and any other work needed.
  11. Next we will submit the necessary documentation to your insurance company to help you with recovering any depreciation.

Contact Midwest Damage Assessments Today for All Your Storm Damage, Roofing, & Siding Repair Needs

At Midwest Damage Assessments, we are experts at all types of storm damage repair including roofing and siding repair. We understand that performing repairs can be a tricky process and often complications can arise when attempting to do it yourself. That is why we recommend letting experts like Midwest Damage Assessments take care of your next project. Our process starts the moment after you contact us and we take care of everything including the assessment and helping you file the claim with your insurance company to get the best settlement possible. Throughout Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri, call our expert roofing contractors today at 844-435-7876 for your free damage assessment and to let us get started on your repair job.

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