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If the windows in your home or property have been damaged or broken due to storm damage, fire damage, tornadoes, hail damage, or any other disaster, it is important that you have your windows replaced or repair as quickly as possible for safety and security in your home. When it comes to replacing or repairing damage windows, there is a lot you should know before hiring a company for window replacement. For example, some homes are built with odd sized windows and not all replacement glass is made the same. Therefore, it is best to have a professional contractor assess the damage and offer the best advice for window replacement or repair.

If you have had window damage or sustained broken windows or glass due to a severe storm, fire, or other natural disaster and you need window replacement, the expert storm damage repair and roofing contractors at Midwest Damage Assessments can help. In Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, or Missouri, contact us for a free inspection and damage assessment and to learn more about how we can help with your window replacement or repair needs. Call us today at 844-435-7876.

Factors to Consider with Window Replacement and Repair

In some cases after a storm or other disaster, you will need to decide whether to have your entire window replaced or if window and glass repair is possible. Repair is can be a more cost effective option than window replacement. However, when windows have been seriously damaged, replacement is often necessary.

Complete window replacement involves replacing the majority of your window including all moving parts and the glass. In this case, you will often need custom windows manufactured to fit exactly in the designated spaced. Window sizes vary from home to home. Therefore, with window replacement it is important that the window frame be measured properly before installation. Since many windows today are manufactured as one piece, if your windows receive major damage, it is usually more cost efficient to replace the entire frame and glass.

On the other hand, if only one pain of glass it broken, it may be possible to replace just the glass as opposed to complete window replacement. Another other case where full window replacement is not always necessary include if you have unique, decorative window frames that you want to keep.

Another factor to consider during window replacement is the type of glass used for your windows. There are different types of glass available. This includes storm glass which is thicker and higher resistant to heavy wind or hail. This glass is also better at insulating heat and cold, which can save you money on your energy costs. Good replacement glass can also act as a sound dampener to help keep outside noise from the inside of your home. In many cases, double-pane storm glass is recommended where the original glass was destroyed by wind or hail. Not only is this more resistant, but it is a lot safer for you and your family in the event of a serious storm.

Contact Midwest Damage Assessments to Learn More About Window Replacement & Repair

With the modern windows of today, there is a lot more to window replacement than simply having glass cut and replacing the broken glass. Therefore, in the event of a severe storm or disaster that destroys some or all of your windows you should hire a professional to assist with your window replacement or repair. At Midwest Damage Assessments, we provide an accurate assessment, help file a claim with your insurance company to get you the best settlement, and perform quality window replacement and repair.

Call us today at 844-435-7876 for a free assessment and to learn more about how we can help.

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